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  • Music Dancing Fountain

    Contact NowMusic Dancing FountainA music and dancing fountain may refresh addition to your entertainment and destine to romance your senses. Take in a wonderful show of water, music and light thoughtfully interwoven to mesmerize its admirers, all for your amusement, the most ambitious, choreographically complex water feature...Read More

  • large outdoor water fountains Large Outdoor Water Fountain

    Contact Nowlarge outdoor water fountains Large Outdoor Water FountainGet spectacular water effects into your musical or dancing fountains, thanks to our PLC or DMX technology control panels. Our control panels integrate a PC, software and this technology makes the water and light dance to the beat of the music. With the most advanced valve and nozzle system, a...Read More

  • indoor fountains for sale Music Indoor Fountain

    Contact Nowindoor fountains for sale Music Indoor FountainIndoor Fountains can increase the beauty of your offices, residences, motels, hotels and farmhouses. The dancing fountain system and other fountain jet like rainbow, dandelion, ball…..can be used indoors creating as stunning displays if not more amazing than outdoors as the lighting levels can...Read More

  • floating fountains for lakes Lake Dancing Fountain

    Contact Nowfloating fountains for lakes Lake Dancing FountainThe dancing water fountains built on lake use a collection of water jets to create different shapes and patterns and directions with the water. The water is from the lake after filter system, changes from shape to shape and simulates the effect that the water is dancing, making a wonderful...Read More

  • water fountain for pool Music Fountain In Pool

    Contact Nowwater fountain for pool Music Fountain In PoolA small or medium size water pool is good to build a water fountain for decoration and attraction, the water is sprayed into the air and then caught back in the pool again for recycle, perfect for a decorative centre piece, indoors or outside. Watching the natural beauty of the water in the pool...Read More

  • Ground Play Fountain

    Contact NowGround Play FountainThe play fountain makes the bustling heart of you location. All eyes will be set on this new place and will automatically draw the attention of children with family. The play fountain is built on ground, usually in a square, it is a stage floor with water jets, the pool is built underground....Read More

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