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Fountain parts

  • hollow cone spray nozzles Hollow Nozzle

    Contact Nowhollow cone spray nozzles Hollow NozzleDescription: The Hollow Jet is large size nozzles capable of achieving a maximum height of 140 metres. Swivel connection allows to get parabolic or vertical jets, offering a wide range of water displays. Visible from medium to great distanes.Read More

  • high pressure jet nozzles High Jet Nozzle

    Contact Nowhigh pressure jet nozzles High Jet NozzleDescription: These nozzles generate one water jet that is stable in wind. The High Jet and Geyser Jet are water-level independent with a lightweight mode of construction and usually used on the floating fountains. • Product characteristics at a glance • Water patter as one water jet •...Read More

  • sphere water features for the garden Water Sphere

    Contact Nowsphere water features for the garden Water SphereThe aim of water sphere nozzle is to generate a spherical pattern and a high volume of water when the water falls and attractive effect. Each fountain nozzle produces an outlet disc that joins the ones around it to create fasinating patterns. An entire series of sizes is available, which makes...Read More

  • flat fan spray nozzle Fan Nozzle

    Contact Nowflat fan spray nozzle Fan NozzleFan jets are commonly used as secondary effect nozzles or like main vertical jet accompaniment. It produces high splash and mist when positioned towards the basin edge. It could be installed on a ball joint to adjust the desired inclination.Read More

  • air bubble jet nozzles Bubble Nozzle

    Contact Nowair bubble jet nozzles Bubble NozzleSnowy Jet takes air from outside due to its internal working system, it mix the air into the water, obtaining a very rich air-water mixture which get a very frothy and bubbling water stream, so these nozzles have a very high water oxygenation capacity. The lively bubbling water pattern...Read More

  • Lance Nozzle

    Contact NowLance NozzleThe Lance Jets (I) are small and medium size nozzles capable of achieving a maximum height of 14metres. Integral ball joint allows to get parabolic or vertical jets, offering a wide range of water displays. These nozzles are usually arranged in a group.All sizes have a ball joint with which the...Read More

  • Cluster Nozzle

    Contact NowCluster NozzleDescription: Tree jets are very good to achieve a attractive water effects by its parabolic shape. They are specially appropriate to install like main effect on small fountains. This kind of nozzle is delivered with a depressor to obtain different heights in the water...Read More

  • Cascade Nozzle

    Contact NowCascade NozzleCascade Jet can be used with moderate winds. These jets must be installed on a determinated height due to its water level dependency. It will increase stream height If water level fall (reducing its diameter) and will decrease stream height when water level rise. If the water waves are not...Read More

  • rainbow vacuum power nozzle Rainbow Nozzle

    Contact Nowrainbow vacuum power nozzle Rainbow NozzleDescription Rainbow Jet is a ready-to-use fountain designed to have a minium installation and infrastructure requrements. It emits an illuminated and continuous water stream which transmits light throughout its whole range, lighting the surface against which it crash to. The light source has...Read More

  • Trumpet Nozzle

    Contact NowTrumpet NozzleDescription: Trumpet jets produce a beautiful sheet of water in a calyx effect, its operation is water level independent. This kind of nozzle is making a quiet effection with a nice aesthetic appearance.Read More

  • Mushroom Jet

    Contact NowMushroom JetDescription This Mushroom Jet nozsle produces a glass clear hemisphere sheet of water, it is ideal for indoor fountain in wind free environment, like hotel, restuarent and park. This kind of nozzle is making a quiet effection with a nice aesthetic appearance.Read More

  • Water Screen Nozzle

    Contact NowWater Screen NozzleThe Water Screen Nozzle generates a projection screen medium made of water. It can be used for a variety of media including Video and Lasers for special events. The screen produces a complete semi-circle with 180° in different heights in a function of flow rate and pressure of the pump system. ...Read More

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